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Con­fe­rence “Poli­ti­sche Bil­dung an beruf­li­chen Schu­len im Kon­text einer digi­ta­li­sier­ten Arbeits­welt”, 11.03.–12.03.2019, Uni Sie­gen.

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The idea of lin­king civic and voca­tio­nal edu­ca­tion has a long tra­di­tion (Ker­schen­stei­ner 1901), yet, during all this time, the mere plau­si­bi­lity of this idea has not suf­fi­ced to estab­lish an inde­pen­dent and insti­tu­tio­nally secure rese­arch area.

It is due to the efforts of per­se­ver­ant per­sons like Peter Wein­bren­ner or Eber­hard Jung that, despite unfa­vor­able pre­re­qui­si­tes, cur­rent rese­arch in this field does not need to start from scratch. They have – espe­ci­ally since the 1980s – con­ti­nuously been working on upco­m­ing ques­ti­ons in this field at the “Hoch­schul­tage beruf­li­cher Bil­dung” (Uni­ver­sity con­fe­rence on voca­tio­nal edu­ca­tion) and con­ti­nued expan­ding the body of lite­ra­ture.

Recent rese­arch pro­jects ori­gi­na­ted from indi­vi­dual initia­ti­ves that stood mainly inde­pendently of each other The working group wit­hin the GPJE (date of foun­ding: March 13, 2017) now opens the pos­si­bi­lity of poo­ling form­erly unre­la­ted rese­arch initia­ti­ves, estab­li­shing a steady exchange. Given that appro­xi­mately ¾ of a year’s stu­dents attend a voca­tio­nal secon­dary school, it seems appro­priate and worthwhile to make this field of civic edu­ca­tion more visi­ble and to iden­tify its poten­ti­als.

The pecu­lia­ri­ties and pro­blems of this field shall be illus­tra­ted by the fol­lo­wing con­flic­ting areas (Besand 2014, p. 203ff.):

  • The signi­fi­cance of the sub­ject in ever­y­day school life is pro­min­ently under­li­ned and insti­tu­tio­nally secu­red by the federal con­sti­tu­ti­ons (man­datory sub­ject), but given the pre­do­mi­nance of the voca­tio­nal sub­jects with their under­ly­ing inte­rests (eco­nomy, com­mer­cial courts), it is not ade­qua­tely rep­re­sen­ted in ever­y­day school life.
  • The stu­dents’ great hete­ro­gen­eity requi­res tea­chers to deve­lop a high level of pro­fes­sio­na­lism to pro­perly respond to their needs. Often, this is not ade­qua­tely sup­por­ted by tea­cher trai­ning (fre­quently, tea­chers have to teach sub­jects they did not study at uni­ver­sity).

The annual con­fe­rence of the GPJE and the bien­nial “Sym­po­sium Civic and Eco­no­mic Edu­ca­tion” at the “Uni­ver­sity Con­fe­rence on Voca­tio­nal Edu­ca­tion” serve as pivo­tal ele­ments of con­nec­tion, exchange and coope­ra­tion wit­hin the working group. These forums func­tion as oppor­tu­nities to pre­sent and dis­cuss cur­rent works and pro­jects

The ope­ning event of the working group “Voca­tio­nal Civic Edu­ca­tion” took place on Thurs­day 11. Octo­ber to Fri­day 12. Octo­ber 2018. In the flyer and the con­fe­rence pro­gram you will find fur­ther infor­ma­tion.


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