Prize for outstanding dissertations

About the Ursula Buch-Award

On Oct 31, 2005, the GPJE Managing Committee decided to offer an award for junior researcher’s outstanding work in the field of civic education. The Ursula Buch Avard is endowed by the Wochenschau Verlag (Wochenschau publishing house).

The Award is named after Ursula Buch (1931–2016), a publisher who stood up for civic education for over 50 years. Filling young junior researchers with enthusiasm for the discipline, accompanying and supporting them along their publishing process was always of particular concern to her.

The Ursula Buch Award statutes (German version) contain further regulations.

The Ursula Buch Award, given to junior researchers for their outstanding work in the field of civic education, was once again awarded in 2016. The award ceremony took place during the annual conference of the GPJE in 2016 in Frankfurt/Main.

The latest announcement of the Ursula Buch-Award 2018 can be downloaded here (German version).

Award Winner 2016

Prof. Dr. Matthias Busch for his dissertation on „Staatsbürgerkunde in the Weimar Republic. Origin of a Democratic Didactic of the Discipline“.

Busch, Mathias (2016): Staatsbürgerkunde in der Weimarer Republik: Genese einer demokratischen Fachdidaktik. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.

Prior Award Winners


Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pohl for her dissertation on: „Societal Theory in Civic Education. The Reception of Societal Theories in the Work of Hermann Giesecke“.

Pohl, Kerstin (2011): Gesellschaftstheorie in der Politikdidaktik: Die Theorierezeption bei Hermann Giesecke, Schwalbach/Ts: Wochenschau Verlag.  


Prof. Dr. Sabine Manzel for her dissertation on „Growing Competencies in Civic Education. Results of an Intervention Study on the Core Concept Europe“.

Manzel Sabine (2007): Kompetenzzuwachs im Politikunterricht: Ergebnisse einer Interventionsstudie zum Kernkonzept Europa, Münster [u.a.]: Waxmann Verlag.