Prize for outstanding dissertations

About the Ursula Buch-Award

On Oct 31, 2005, the GPJE Mana­ging Com­mit­tee deci­ded to offer an award for junior researcher’s out­stan­ding work in the field of civic edu­ca­tion. The Ursula Buch Avard is endo­wed by the Wochen­schau Ver­lag (Wochen­schau publi­shing house).

The Award is named after Ursula Buch (1931–2016), a publisher who stood up for civic edu­ca­tion for over 50 years. Fil­ling young junior rese­ar­chers with enthu­si­asm for the disci­pline, accom­pany­ing and sup­por­ting them along their publi­shing pro­cess was always of par­ti­cu­lar con­cern to her.

The Ursula Buch Award sta­tu­tes (Ger­man ver­sion) con­tain fur­ther regu­la­ti­ons.

The Ursula Buch Award, given to junior rese­ar­chers for their out­stan­ding work in the field of civic edu­ca­tion, was once again awar­ded in 2016. The award cere­mony took place during the annual con­fe­rence of the GPJE in 2016 in Frankfurt/Main.

The latest announ­ce­ment of the Ursula Buch-Award 2018 can be down­loa­ded here (Ger­man ver­sion).

Award Win­ner 2016

Prof. Dr. Mat­thias Busch for his dis­ser­ta­tion on „Staats­bür­ger­kunde in the Wei­mar Repu­blic. Ori­gin of a Demo­cra­tic Didac­tic of the Disci­pline“.

Busch, Mathias (2016): Staats­bür­ger­kunde in der Wei­ma­rer Repu­blik: Genese einer demo­kra­ti­schen Fach­di­dak­tik. Bad Heil­brunn: Klink­hardt.

Prior Award Win­ners


Prof. Dr. Kers­tin Pohl for her dis­ser­ta­tion on: „Socie­tal Theory in Civic Edu­ca­tion. The Recep­tion of Socie­tal Theo­ries in the Work of Her­mann Gies­ecke“.

Pohl, Kers­tin (2011): Gesell­schafts­theo­rie in der Poli­tik­di­dak­tik: Die Theo­rie­re­zep­tion bei Her­mann Gies­ecke, Schwalbach/Ts: Wochen­schau Ver­lag.  


Prof. Dr. Sabine Man­zel for her dis­ser­ta­tion on „Gro­wing Com­pe­ten­cies in Civic Edu­ca­tion. Results of an Inter­ven­tion Study on the Core Con­cept Europe“.

Man­zel Sabine (2007): Kom­pe­tenz­zu­wachs im Poli­tik­un­ter­richt: Ergeb­nisse einer Inter­ven­ti­ons­stu­die zum Kern­kon­zept Europa, Müns­ter [u.a.]: Wax­mann Ver­lag.